This unlucky survivor of the zombie apocalypse has found herself trapped in an old-timey saloon! With medical supplies running low, she'll have to make do with the bar's limitless supply of alcohol to treat her wounds... Will the zombies get her before alcohol poisoning does?

P.S. Let us know what your highest score was in the comments!


Justin Oon = Designer, Artist, Composer

Aidan Wong = Programmer



1. WASD to move, Left Mouse Button to shoot!
2. Barrels contain beer in them; shoot the barrels to break them!
3. Beer heals you fully, but incurs one random penalty from the following list:
    - Movement leaning effect
    - Accuracy down
    - Color distortion
    - Screen blur
    - Ripple distortion
    - Unstable camera
    - Tilting camera
4. Penalties are permanent and stack with one another, and can get higher in intensity!
5. Drinks are a multiplier to your final score; the drunker you get, the higher the multiplier!



- MagicaVoxel - Voxel art
- bfxr.net - Sound effects
- abundant-music.com - Randomly generated music
- GXSCC - Coverting Midi to 8bit
- Audacity - Cropping audio
- Unity - Game engine



Zombeer.zip 44 MB


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Hello! I loved your game, it was really well made and incredibly fun to play! I made a let's play of your game here-

(1 edit)

Hey there Kathryn, not sure how I only noticed your comment now but thanks a lot for playing our game and sharing it!

No worries! I'm glad you liked the video :D

I want a refund! I was expecting 2 games! :p

Joke asides, I love the voxel art! Will definitely give MagicVoxel a try at the next jam.

I got 6706. And that's because I actually started getting sick at the end xD

Awesome job!

Hey Orukinawa, appreciate the compliment! You can thank my partner, Justin for the sick voxel art.