How To Play

- Left/Right Arrows = Move tetromino left and right
- Down Arrow = Drop tetromino faster
- Up Arrow = Rotate tetromino


- Build a home around the tenant(s)!
- A home must have no gaps in the structure.
- Clear lines to get a score multiplier!
- The game ends when a valid home is built, so plan accordingly!


Tetromihome is a game made within 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2019. The theme was What Home Means To You. I was lucky to get two talented teammates to help make this game a reality: Muhammad Asyraf bin Ibrahim, our programmer, and Muhammad Fitri bin Amalludin, our artist! The original game we had built and submitted for GGJ2019 can be downloaded here.

Since I had free time during the jam, I decided to work on my own prototype as well. In the event that I wanted to make changes and tweaks after the jam was over, I could do it on my own without having to inconvenience Asyraf and Fitri. The prototype is what you can see playing right now on the browser. it's also mobile friendly!



- Game released



Tetromihome Original Submission 23 MB

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