Start.exe is the brand new game sweeping the market that a must have for every PC gamer! Amazing graphics, mind-blowing sound and hyper-intense gameplay awaits you!

Players are recommended to turn off their anti-virus for the optimal next-gen experience!



1) Click on a storage device to open it up
2) Click on a file on the desktop to send it to an open storage device
3) Click on a file in a storage device to send it back to the desktop
4) Try and save all your files before time runs out! 


Made during Ludum Dare 42


== Justin Oon ==
Designer, Programmer

== Darshan Li Nair ==
Designer, Artist

== Aidan Wong ==

Song used:
"Windows Error Remix" composed by Fabio Mariano



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You need to add your LD URL to your itch.io game page so people can find and rate it easilly

Oh, thanks, totally slipped my mind! Link has been added!