What's this? Why's everything in monochrome? Why is everything so blocky and pixelated?

It's time to pay a small homage to the ancient technology of yesteryear! Back to good ol'-fashioned 8-bit graphics and SFX!

How To Play

- Drag the player indicator around the screen, and the character will move towards it.
- Drag the crosshair to aim where the character is firing.
- Tap on the powerups at the bottom to use them when they are fully charged!
- Stay alive for as long as possible!


- Kill 30 of any enemy to charge up the Bomb Powerup!
- Clear the screen from enemies and threats with a single tap!

- Kill 7 slimes to charge up the Speed Powerup!
- You move at twice the speed for 20 seconds!

- Kill 10 constructs to charge up the Shot Powerup!
- Double your firing rate for 20 seconds!

- Kill 12 mushrooms to charge up the Health Powerup!
- Heal 1 health! Can't go above 5.

- Skeletons drop free powerups when killed!

- This game is mobile-friendly!

Post-Jam Updates

If you want to play the updated version, click on the post-jam link below!

- Music changed to 8-bit. Finally!
- 3 bosses added! (Technically one with three forms)
* An extra layer on the Ancient Technology theme: Golems!
* Kill 30 enemies to spawn a golem to fight!
* Defeating the golem increases the enemy spawning rate by a small amount.

- Tapping on the character now stops her in place to allow emergency stops or to realign your indicator
- Golem's 'Paper' form improved
* Open palm now moves towards your crosshairs to intercept your shots


And a special thank you to those who have played this game and given their support!


Published Oct 05, 2016
Made withPixiJS
TagsArcade, Black and White, Ludum Dare 36, Pixel Art
LinksLudum Dare

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