Engineer Entry


The year is 2159. Society has progressed alongside technology. The world is at peace, having recovered from World War III. Robots were once built to wage war, but today, they're nothing but a fun pastime for curious minds.

But old wounds still fester within society, and robotics engineers are looked at with disdain. From the lowliest enthusiast to the minds that build android butlers, they remind the people of the danger machines once posed to humanity.

The Technological Karma Service was founded in order to control the production of robots to ensure the safety of society, but public fear has given them much more power than anyone has anticipated. Now, they're official quality enforcers on robotics. If something isn't within their guidelines, it is repurposed with their TKS tech, and their creator is fined severely. Or worse.

As a robotics enthusiast, VIvian lives quietly by herself, until the TKS come knocking at her door. Vivian is forced to face the consequences of her hobby, as well as her deceased father's past. What are the TKS planning? Was his untimely death their doing? If so, what did he do that warranted such extreme acts?


This game was made for the Loading Screen Jam and Giant ROM 2 Jam. Above is simply context for the game, not reflective of the actual game content itself.

Click anywhere to begin playing. The game automatically restarts after you die.


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