IMPORTANT: Reading the instructions in the game or in the text below is HIGHLY recommended. The game can get a bit complicated...


Have you ever played a 15-puzzle or sliding puzzle before? You know the one, where there's one free space, and you need to move the tiles to complete a picture? Combine that with the elements of a dungeon crawl, and you have Dungeon Slide! Try your hand with this puzzle / RPG, and see how much treasure you can escape with!


Dungeon Slider is mobile-friendly! If you have a phone with a browser and a touchscreen, you can play directly!

This has been a rather fun game to make, even though I didn't make it in time for the LD41 compo. There's still plenty of room for improvement; consider this build a prototype, or proof of concept.



  1. You can move any tile that's adjacent to an empty space by tapping / clicking on it!
        - Not only can you move your hero, but enemies, treasure, and even blank tiles too!
  2. Your goal is to get the hero to the exit, while collecting as much treasure as possible!
        - The exit is ALWAYS at the bottom-right of the map.
  3. Click on the Magnifying Glass button to view the floor layout!
        - Warning! This action costs mana to perform, and you only start with 3! Use it wisely!
  4. Blessed ground (the floor tile with a cross) will protect heroes and treasure that is standing atop of it!
  5. When you reach the exit, any treasure that's on top of blessed ground will be collected!
        - Treasure that is NOT on blessed ground will not be obtained!
  6. When a player or an enemy moves, they will 'attack' in the direction they're moving!
        - Attacking consumes Power, so be mindful of how many attacks you have left!
  7. Monsters can 'attack' treasure and destroy them! Be careful!
  8. Use the ? button to view stats of units and floor tiles. This is helpful to discern the special abilities of each enemy!
  9. Some levels require you to place a key over a keyhole to unlock the exit!
  10. At the start of every floor, your HP, Power and Mana are refilled!



- GraphicsGale - Pixel art
- GameMaker Studio - Game engine


Update 1.1

  • Added new enemies!
    • Spike
      • Cannot be attacked when its spikes are out
      • A threat that prevents players from moving in certain directions
    • Burrowbug
      • Digs underground when on a blank floor tile, and burrows out when an empty space moves over it!
      • Forces the player to have better memory, or check the floor more often
    • Negaknight
      • Transfers any damage it receives to the player! Can be attacked by other monsters!
      • Forces the player to be aware of more tiles in order to protect themselves. As it stands, it's very easy to avoid damage!

Update 1.2

  • UI changes
    • After feedback, X button is switched with a Home icon instead
    • Buttons will now flash when toggled on, encouraging players to tap on them again
    • Tutorial can now be accessed in-game as well, instead of just the main menu.


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good mixing, i like it!