NOTE: Apologies for the game not focusing properly when using the keyboard. Try playing full-screen, or try these other links:



Another note: This game can be played on any touchscreen device with an internet browser!




For PCs:

Z = Slime Armor

X = Construct Armor

C = Mushroom Armor

Space = Default Outfit

Arrow Keys = Movement


How to Play


- Survive for as long as possible

- Energy refills slowly when not in any special form

- Switching lanes takes up energy

- Energy depletes while being in a special form

- Matching the enemy to the armor (Slime Armor against a slime) will net you bonus energy

- Using the armor of an enemy's weakness (Slimes are weak against Constructs, Constructs are weak against Mushrooms, Mushrooms are weak against Slimes) will regenerate some health.

- Skeletons have no weaknesses nor strengths. Avoid at all costs.


Update 1.1

- After transforming, simply tap the same button to transform back into human form.
- The 'Change Back To Human' button (Space) has been changed into a bone-throwing attack. It costs 2 energy, and will kill the first enemy it hits. Skeletons have a weakness now!
- 3 second preparation time.
- Beautified ending screen.
- Visual and audio feedback for obtaining health and energy from enemies.
- Dying animation for player.



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