The teleporter's out of energy, but at the end of this small dungeon lies a battery with just enough juice for a jump! Will you be able to retrieve the battery, or will you be stuck here forever?


Thanks for trying out my game! This was made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 39 compo! It's a pretty difficult one, but if you do manage to beat it, let me know your final score in the comments! You can find the link to the Ludum Dare game page here!



1. A battery must be plugged into the console before you can play!
2. The bouncing green circle charges batteries that it touches!
3. Press the power button to turn on the console!
4. The button on the left toggles the backlight, the one on the right toggles sound!
5. Having one toggled on doubles the battery's usage, tripled if both are on!
6. AD to move, W to jump, S to use your shield!
7. The shield makes you impervious to damage, but you are unable to move for half a second but you can't move while using it!
8. Save points save your progress; make sure you touch them, or you'll have to do over!
9. Death floors will activate randomly, listen out for the cue!
10. Sawblades blend in well with the background, keep the backlight on! Or you can squint real hard, that's okay too.
11. Ghosts randomly appear after you obtain the battery; kill them with your shield!
12. Your time score is calculated EVEN WHEN THE GAME IS OFF. Getting a good score means managing your batteries properly!
13. After obtaining the battery at the end of the level, you must travel back to the start of the level where the teleporter awaits!



- GraphicsGale - Pixel art
- bfxr.net - Sound effects
- fakemusicgenerator.com - Randomly generated music
- GXSCC - Coverting Midi to 8bit
- Audacity - Cropping audio
- Game Maker Studio - Game engine



Before we get to the changes, I'd like to thank everyone that had rated and played the game during Ludum Dare 39. Never thought I'd be able to get #1 in theme (for Compo, anyway)! Thank you all for your support! And also, for your valuable feedback, that has pushed me to make a few changes for a slightly smoother experience.

Version 1.1
- Batteries now show a number indicating how much energy they have left. Now you KNOW when it's charging, and how much is left! You can't see the number while using the batteries, though!
- Also, the charging speed is increased, so you don't have to wait THAT long.
- Energy consumption is also decreased by a bit! Good players should be able to go from checkpoint to checkpoint without having to turn off lights or sound!
- The player is now told they need to return to the start of the level. Seems that many people got stuck at the end.
- The shield no longer has a minimum activated period! Will make the game MUCH easier, but I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing.
- Zaps and ghosts now happen more frequently, in order to balance it out a little. Not too bad a tradeoff, I say.


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